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Pure Drivel

Sometimes you write like a superstar and it’s all good. Other days you stare at the screen and write pure drivel which is scary because you fear that the next day will again be drivel. The key Isco write through it.

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Friday the 13th

Not a witchy day, but the sad commemoration of the wholesale murder of almost all of the Knights Templar by the Catholic Church in a bid to erase their power leaving tantalizing hints of secrets and treasure behind.

Supposed to be a weekend with my four sisters this weekend but weather was forecasted to be wonky, so I’ll be writing instead.

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Hello 2017!

Hello New Year, welcome. I didn’t make it to midnight last night going to bed around 11 p.m. Still, at midnight I heard the firecrackers going off for a good twenty minute. Resolutions? I have a few. One is to go out more. Not to run the roads mind you but to do more, participate more and enjoy more. I will be trying to drag my reclusive husband with me.  

Yes, I’m an introvert and I spend a lot of time alone and like it. But, there are movies to see, music to hear and a whole world out there to be experienced.  2017 here I come!

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Post Election

To say I’m disappointed in the results of the election is an understatement. I see this country potentially going back fifty to seventy-five years regarding our social culture.

Women’s rights to the privacy of making their own determinations as to their bodies consulting with their families and doctors are at risk. Race relations have dropped. Well, is that true, or have we come nowhere in these past twenty years and it’s just been undercover?

Long-standing political relationships are at risk, and the economic viability of the country is up for grabs by the elite. Trump ran as a president for the people. While I wish him success as a President for all our sakes, I can’t help but feel like we are all in for a rough couple of years.

Health care, insurance all of it is up for grabs, not to mention social security and Medicare/MedicaidĀ upon which several of my relatives dependĀ on and which I may have to depend on in my elderly years. It’s all very troubling.

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A nice walk this Monday morning even though the bugs were biting. I sprayed bug repellent everywhere but my face and came back with three bits (on my face.) Zika anyone? My hubby just killed a baby rattler on the sidewalk. Guess I’m staying in forever more and taking Phoebe out on a leash! This is the second rattler we’ve seen near the house.

Got all the chores done over the weekend so I can spend this time writing. So long then, to the novel we go!

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I spent the day digging up weeds in my garden. Now 3 Tylenol and a shower later, I am feeling exhausted and wondering how I can get dinner on the table without moving off the couch.

The garden needs a fall planting and there are still tomatoes and peppers and maybe some carrots to harvest. The zinnias are blooming and drawing in the butterflies. I’ve yet to grow a decent squash. Pollination, my sister, claims is the problem.

The car won’t be fixed until next month. So I’ll have the “drive of shame” for at least a month. I’m now twice burned and twice shy pulling into the garage at 2 miles per hour.

I’ve been a bit ambivalent about writing this last week, but I know it is because I’ve stuff to do around the house. I can never concentrate when my house is in disarray.

But, now I have half the garden left to weed and some ironing and I will be caught up with no more and excuses. Don’t get me wrong, I have written but it’s going slow. James Patterson I am not.

But for right now, I want to lie on the couch and vegitate.